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How do I get to Amasiko

Amasiko is located on a peninsula along a very picturesque road on the northern side of Lake Bunyonyi and is accessible from both the east (via Kabale) and the west (via Muko).
From Kabale it is about 20 km to Amasiko and there are several options for transportation:

By Car

From Kabale Town follow the Kisoro road, just after the Kobil petrol station you reach the sign post for Lake Bunyonyi. The lake is 8km away.
Take the left at the sign post; continue on this road until you see Lake Bunyonyi for the first time (4.7km). You will see the cross roads and a pile of tyres. At the tyres branch to the right.
At the coffee shop (left side) you keep to the right and start climbing up the hill.
After 4.5 km there is a sign post for Rubona Primary School, keep following the main road on the right. Shortly after is the sign post for Kagarama health centre on the left.
After 1 km you will cross a small trading centre with electricity poles and soil speed bumps on the road.
At the end of the trading centre are two sign posts, one for Kigezi Hill Prep School, and the other for St George Kibuzigye Secondary School. Keep left and you will see Lake Bunyonyi on your left, the road has Eucalyptus trees running along it.
The road slopes down to a swamp (5.8km). After this swamp take the left and climb up the hill where you will see the lake and a penisula.
About 1.3 km from the swamp you will get to a right hand corner and here branch to the left down onto a small track, you will pass the school and reach the parking which is at the end of the track.


Pick up from Amasiko

We have a pick up service available for up to four people. We only request reimbursement for the fuel costs for this service, which are 40,000 Ush one way. Please book this in advance! To arrange this please let us know what time you will arrive in Kabale.

Special Hire (Taxi)

There are always special hires (taxis) available in Kabale. We have an arrangement with one driver who can bring or pick you up for 50,000 Ush one way. Please inform us in advance so we can arrange with the driver when to pick you up.

Boda Boda (Motorcycle Taxi)

An alternative and cheaper way of travelling is with a Boda Boda - the so-called motorcycle taxi. Again, we have an agreement with reliable Boda drivers who will take you on an adventurous - if hair-raising - trip through the mountainous region to our lodge. They can carry one or two people for 15,000 - or 20,000 Ush respectively per trip. The journey passes along the north side of the lake and provides breathtaking views of the islands of Lake Bunyonyi. If you call us just before arriving in Kabale we will inform the drivers to arrange your pick up at the bus stop.

Please keep in mind that prices may vary accordingly to oil price fluctuations.