Help with Development

To ensure our efforts have a sustainable, long lasting impact, Amasiko Green School needs your continuous support! With a small effort from you, we can make a big effort and a big impact to give the youth and the farmers at Lake Bunyonyi the tools to improve their own livelihoods.

Any donation, financially, in the form of goods or through voluntary work is more than welcome to bolster our efforts.

In the long term, our aim is to become financially self-sufficient so that we can use the revenues from our eco-tourism and agriculture projects to finance the development of the local community.

What we do with your donations

We are very grateful for the support you give with your donations. You can choose whether your donation is for a specific project, or for Amasiko in general! Because we see our projects in one interconnected whole, we hope you are open to discuss with us where your donations are most needed.

Short term

  1. Currently, we are urgently looking for donations to build a guesthouse for the teachers of Amasiko Green School. The cost is estimated at € 4000 / $ 4450.
  2. A piggery so that we can keep more pigs. This allows us to use their meat to tackle malnutrition in children by combating their lack of protein. We can also use their manure to fertilize the soil. The cost is estimated at € 2000 / $ 2225.
  3. A henhouse and hens. This will provide eggs for the children at school, and the protein can already make a big difference in their study abilities. The cost is estimated at € 2500 / $ 2775.
  4. A new classroom in order to expand our teaching capacity. The cost is estimated at € 2000 / $ 2225.
  5. A breeding program for dairy goats to help local farmers produce milk. The cost is estimated at € 1000 / $ 1110.

Donations for schoolchildren

The school fees paid by parents are not sufficient to fund the operation of the school. As a donor you can choose to:

  • Adopt a pupil for a year for € 90 / $ 100
  • Adopt school lunches for an entire class for a month for € 250 / $ 280
  • Adopt the school lunches for an entire class for a year for 9 x € 250 / 9 x $ 280
  • Pay the salary for a teacher for a year € 400 / $445  (4 teachers: total € 1600 / $ 1780) 
  • Provide funds for teaching materials
  • Provide funds for playground equipment
  • Provide funds for anything else

We are also very happy if you could send us toys for the children, or give them to visitors to bring.


A donation to Amasiko can be transferred to us - any amount is welcome! Send us a message and we will inform you about the details.

Voluntary Work

We need many hands and minds to put our ideas into practice. Volunteers who have special expertise and are willing to support the further expansion of our initiative are therefore very welcome! We are especially looking for people who can work and live independently, who are prepared to stay in a remote place, and people who are prepared to live in and interact with a foreign culture.

Work independently, show initiative, support our eco-friendly ethos.

Throughout the year there are activities going on in construction, agriculture and horticulture, and animal husbandry. We especially welcome people with education, skills and experience in the fields of:

  • Ecological construction
  • Permaculture
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Organic agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Eco-tourism
  • Management
  • Accounting,
  • Community outreach and marketing,
  • Social Media
  • Education and teaching
  • Any other skills you think are important

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and make a difference while receiving an unforgettable cultural experience with the Bakiga people from the local community. In addition, our place is great for swimming, going on safaris or gorilla and chimpanzee tracking. We speak Dutch, German, English and Luganda and give you a warm welcome to our charming place!
If you are interested in volunteering please contact us for more details.


  • We are looking for someone with knowledge and experience in computerized accounting to help us set up and maintain an accounting system.
  • Furthermore, urgent help is needed for administration and general management.


In our newsletter we inform you about the progress of our projects, and we make regular calls for contributions towards specific goals. Want to be kept informed?

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Cooperation with Organizations

Ecolonie in France

Green School Amasiko is part of the EcoZeN Network. Consequently, we maintain close contact with Ecolonie in France. Visit their website for more information.

Let the Children Play

This is a foundation that is trying to achieve educational projects through (financial) contributions together with locals in Africa. This organization has facilitated the financing of our primary school (new construction, inventory, personnel).

Visit their website for more information

Amasiko e.V.

This German group financially supports the expansion and the equipment of the school and projects, which benefit the local community.

Visit their website for more information.